All About the Adventurer

All About the Adventurer

I grew up in the tundra of Michigan, where most of my friends and family still live.  I graduated high school in 2009, finished my math degree in 2012, and started working in corporate America shortly after.  I kept living with my parents and saving up as much cash as possible for seven months, and then bought a small house outright in cash.  It was a gut job, which I spent two years working on, paying in cash and doing most of the labor myself.  I actually slept in a tent in my garage for part of my renovations.  While other people questioned my sanity, I felt grateful for what I had and excited for what I was building.

In 2015, I had the opportunity to move to Florida, and I sold everything and moved down.  The house sold for three times what I bought it for, although the dollar amount I got was what I put into it.  This became the down payment on my foreclosure in what I consider one of the most gorgeous areas of St. Petersburg, Florida.  It’s a lot more space than I need, but I rent out regularly on AirBnB and it’s covering the house costs in full in addition to leaving me with a bit of extra income.

My Life Goals

To cost-effectively continue traveling and exploring the world.  I want to visit one new place every other month or every quarter.

To continue progressing in my career by continuing to read new business literature, developing my strengths instead of weaknesses, and focusing on my new role.

To continue developing relationships with my partner, my family, and my peers.


Financial Goals for 2017

To max out my Roth IRA.

To raise my savings for my 401k to $750/paycheck. – DONE!

Financial Goals for 2018

To max out my Roth IRA.

To max out my 401k. ($750 per paycheck.)

To pay off my 401k loan – DONE!!

To pay off/make a huge dent in my auto loan.

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