Welcome to the Family, Sheldon!

Welcome to the Family, Sheldon!

That’s right, please welcome Dr. Sheldon S. Scooper, our new cleaning robot extraordinaire.  He has been busy eating dog toys and scaring the cat, but we’re excited to have him around nonetheless.  Between the new lawn care service and the cleaning robot, keeping up with the household has become significantly easier.

Roomba Pros:

  • Cleans under the beds and couches.  Huge win.  I had some Airbnb guests complain about dust under the bed, so I wish I had bought into a robot vacuum sooner.  I’ve also had guests leave sticky messes on the floor before, which would have been dragged through the house by the Roomba had it been on an automatic timer while they were here.  Hence, Roomba while Airbnb’ing is a toss up.
  • Handles dog and cat hair like a champ, although the bin has to be emptied after every vacuum.  No worries, as I also always have to empty the Dyson after vacuuming.
  • Has bristles on the side that get the corners of the baseboards.  Seriously, how often do you pull out the wand to vacuum all the baseboards?
  • Can be set to a timer to run at specific times, multiple days per week.  It just starts up, and alerts my phone when it is done before going back to its home base.
  • Comes with a “laser fence” to stop it from careening off the split-level floor into the sunroom.  We’ve heard there is tape that can be used as well, but the laser fence covers the entire 10 foot opening where the floor drops 5 inches.  No deathly spills as of yet.
  • Can be carried to a room, put down, and turned on.  Close the door and let it go.  This is great for split-level floors or two story houses.  I was nervous that I’d have to move the home base around, but very happy to learn that was not the case.
  • It will turn itself off when it’s finished, although not necessarily in the best spot.  Really Sheldon, stopping under the middle of the king bed?  I got my phone out and turned it back on remotely.

Roomba Cons:

  • For my 2,300 square foot house, it takes a lot more time (75+ minutes) compared to vacuuming with the Dyson (20 minutes)… but you aren’t actually doing anything, and it’s also getting under the furniture, so not necessarily a huge con…
  • Noisy, although we can set it to run while we are away.  Would not recommend running while guests are in the house, both for noise and for potential spills.
  • Sometimes gets stuck, which means if you’ve left, it won’t be done when you get home…

    No way! I’m out of here!
  • Sucks up everything on the floor.  Overall, that’s a pro, except when you have a dog leaving toys around which get stuck in the vacuum that get awkwardly dragged behind around the house.  We have to remember to pick all the toys up daily, or else we risk damaging poor Sheldon.
  • Doesn’t have a specific pattern or necessarily stay in the room until complete.  Hence, it may miss spots or interfere with your cleaning efforts should it start chasing you around.  As such, I would be on the fence about relying solely on Sheldon.  If I was still Airbnb’ing, I would probably still run the Dyson quickly when my guests left before mopping the house, but then use the Roomba in between and up until the morning of a new guests’ arrival to make sure things were spic and span.

In summary…

Why did I wait so long?  The Roomba is a huge win.


2 Replies to “Welcome to the Family, Sheldon!”

  1. Now that we no longer have cats, I would consider this. Back when we had cats, they would occasionally hack up hairballs and such, and I didn’t want the Roomba spreading that mess throughout the house.

    1. I have heard horror stories, for sure. Jameson is crated during the day so I’m fortunately not worried about the Roomba with her.

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