Useful Graduation Gift Ideas

Useful Graduation Gift Ideas

I’m a huge advocate for giving useful and thoughtful gifts for all occasions.  Graduations are no exception.  I feel that items don’t have to be new, as long as they are good quality.  However, you should always recognize preferences of the receivers of your gifts and consider what they’d actually appreciate.

For Any Recent Grads

  • A card with cash. Extremely useful for any grads!  Anyone entering the workforce can use the cash for gas, rent or a new wardrobe.  Anyone taking on more school can put cash toward tuition or textbooks.
  • The Simple Path to Wealth by JL Collins, or any other books to help set them up for success.
  • A bike with a bike lock or a gas gift card/bus card to help them get to and from work/school or around campus.
  • Board games that encourage socialization.
  • Kitchen/cooking supplies or small appliances.
  • Furniture or wall art for their new space.
  • A small tool kit.
  • A journal.

If You Want to Give the Gift of Time

  • A dinner out or cooked at home just to celebrate!
  • Cooking, auto repair, or self-defense lessons.
  • A photo album, scrapbook, or photo/collage to hang.
  • A quilt made of school t-shirts.
  • Write a “letter to my past self” focused on the things you wish you had known.

For Anyone Taking On More School

  • School apparel, or a gift card to the school apparel store.
  • Amazon Gift Cards. They can be used to purchase textbooks at a lower cost than the book store.
  • Luggage! A duffel bag can be flattened out for easy storage when not in use, and it can be used for laundry or travel.  They may need a sturdy backpack or laptop bag.
  • A laptop. Make sure you discuss the graduates’ needs with them before making any purchases.  Look for Memorial Day discounts if you are buying new.  You may be able to split the cost with others.
  • Good noise-cancelling headphones. Studying in public places can be tough without peace and quiet.
  • A calendar or planner to assist with time management.

For Anyone Entering the Work Force

  • A good suit for interviews, or any other clothes that are appropriate for their field.

2 Replies to “Useful Graduation Gift Ideas”

  1. Seriously- when I was a graduate, food and alcohol were always a plus! During grad school, even a cheap box of wine and some popcorn with a friend’s netflix password was a gift from heaven! When you’re broke, tired and just need to unwind from working part time and going to school full time, it’s a great gift to just get some essential treat yo’self things!

    I also was a huge fan of cash- still am! I wish I had more personal finance books then. I did alright, but man if I had JL’s book then! Yowza!

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