The Best Advice My Mentor Gave Me

The Best Advice My Mentor Gave Me

My company has a formal mentorship program aimed at pairing young professionals with senior level executives who commit to meeting once a month for an entire year, after which it’s up to the individuals to maintain the relationship.  Since I knew the benefits of having a mentor, I definitely wanted to apply, and I’ve continued building the relationship over the last three years.  I regularly ask questions that lead to thoughtful discussions.  My mentor continues to offer invaluable advice in all areas, but three things have benefited me the most.

Prioritize Your Time

My mentor will only attend meetings if he will add or take away value from them even though he gets sent dozens of invites every day.  Be honest about whether or not you need to attend.  Could you send someone in your place who would benefit more?  Time management is critical to success.  Always be on time for anything important, and err on the side of early.  It’s far better to be early and wait than to be late for any meetings or appointments.

When there is a project or a lot going on, list everything out that needs to be done.  Then choose the top 3-5 things that are the most important to you and delegate the rest.  It’s important to delegate because it leads to learning opportunities for other people to grow and allows your to prioritize your time appropriately.

Know Your Core Values

Write down your 3-5 core values and display them somewhere you will see them daily.  My mentor had them taped to his cup holder.  I’ve taped mine to both my laptop and my desk.  Everything you do should be done with those values in mind.

Always Take the High Road

No matter what curve balls you’re thrown, always take the high road.  Karma will always get people in the end.  It’s often better to just walk away or let things simmer and revert back.

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