Shepherd’s Pie

Shepherd’s Pie

In Scotland, they use lamb, but you could also substitute for ground beef, which is technically “cottage pie.”  Since I can’t eat either of those…

  • 1 pound Ground Turkey
  • Small diced onion
  • Small bag shredded carrots
  • Can of peas, drained
  • Worcestershire sauce
  • One pack of shepherd’s pie seasoning mix from the international aisle (if you can’t find it, a brown gravy mix is a decent substitute)
  • Three pouches of instant mashed potatoes

Brown the ground meat with the diced onion.  Add Worcestershire sauce “to taste” to the meat (a few splashes).  Mix the seasoning with water (per pouch instructions) and then pour the gravy over the ground meat.  Add carrots and peas, and reduce to a simmer until it has thickened slightly.  Then transfer to a deep (preferably 2 1/2 inches) baking pan, and spread evenly.

As the meat is simmering, prepare the mashed potatoes using the instructions on the bag.  Then cover the meat mixture with the mashed potatoes and spread evenly.  You can use a fork to make peaks in the mashed potatoes, which will turn a lovely golden-brown.

Bake the whole thing uncovered at 400 degrees for 20 minutes.  Once you start seeing the peaks brown, that’s when it’s done.  The timing isn’t really important, because everything is already cooked before it even goes into the oven.

Recipe from Michael!  One pan feeds about 6 for dinner.  For the party, we had two pans, 14 people who ate, and plenty of leftovers with all the other goodies.

Served during our Home-made Harry Potterfest

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