Wedding Math: Spending Thoughtfully

Wedding Math: Spending Thoughtfully

First, I’d like to say thank you to my Mom and Stepdad for saving diligently throughout your careers and helping to pay for a large part of the wedding.  Full disclosure: I wanted to elope, but my mom wouldn’t let me.  She was determined to see her only daughter get married, and said she would no longer speak to the Wanderer if he let me go through with eloping.  Since that’s not a good way to start a marriage, we decided we had better do the thing.  So I guess the TLDR of low-cost-to-you weddings is “threaten to elope.”  Just kidding!  How to ensure thoughtful spending that feels meaningful for everyone?


Pick the top three most important pieces of your wedding day, and ask your partner to pick theirs.  From that list, pick the top 3-4 to focus on.  That’s where the money should go.  While you don’t want to be completely reckless when it’s anything “Wedding,” these are the areas where it’s okay to splurge guiltlessly.

Number one on our list was family togetherness.  Since literally everyone in my family would have to travel depending on where we hosted, it made the most sense for us to pick a resort or hotel.  We decided to stay local so that we didn’t have to travel.  We ended up with a beach resort where the whole family could stay together and enjoy.  It was a little more expensive, but we felt like it was well worth the cost.  We will have our entire family together for as much time as possible, and we’re thankful for that!

Number two on our list was capturing the moments with a photographer and a videographer.  The number one regret I seem to read all the time is brides who skimped on photographers or brides who skipped a videographer.  When the “best day of your life” passes by in a blur, why wouldn’t you do everything you could to remember it?  If all you have are photos from someone who takes photos, you’ve missed out on the skills of talented photographers who shoot weddings for a living.  Some people regret not having a videographer, and some people regret “wasting” the money for a movie they never watch, so you really have to know yourself and your priorities when it comes to the expense of a videographer.

Number three on our list was music.  We wanted something nontraditional, relaxed, and altogether unexpected.  We ended up hiring a guitarist to do the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception.  We actually found him at the lounge in the resort.  He has been busy learning the song for our first dance!

When it came to the rest, we… well, we kind of didn’t.  We just went with whatever was the easiest and/or cheapest, in moderation.  We probably would fail the test for wedding planning 101.


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  1. Your wedding planning sounds a lot like mine. I prioritized photography and videography because I knew I wanted to our wedding captured well. We prioritized food (I come from a family of foodies) and our venue too. Most of our friends and family had to travel to the wedding, so we wanted a place that was convenient and comfortable for them. As for the budget, I first wanted a beachfront wedding and then balked when I got quotes from those hotels. Looking back now, I know we made the right choice to pick a different venue. Our wedding turned out beautifully, just as I imagine yours did.


    1. Right?! It’s such a personal thing, and you really have to pick the place and the venue that work for you, based on your own priorities.

    1. I mean… kinda kidding, kinda not. My mom actually had a conversation with me all the way back in 2013 (well before meeting Michael) about how I was not allowed to elope or she’d be very cross with me. It was literally a random, out of the blue comment that caught me off guard. She knew I’d follow through when I said I wanted to elope and be done with it. 🙂

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