Put a Plant on Your Desk

Put a Plant on Your Desk

Happy Earth Day (on April 22)!  It was founded by Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson in 1970.  His goal was to channel the energy inspired by the student anti-war movement, and 20 million Americans from various backgrounds rallied together in protest of the way the environment was being treated.  In honor of Earth Day and the environment, consider adding a new plant to your desk, whether it’s in an office or in your home.

Reasons to Keep a Plant on Your Desk

They increase your productivity.

Multiple studies have been done that show you are more productive when you have plants around you.  You might make fewer mistakes.  You will complete tasks faster, and might even increase overall productivity on a computer by 12-15%.  Additionally, fatigue can be reduced by over 35%.  Studies have also shown they reduce sickness and absence, which helps keep your business more productive.

They increase your creativity.

Your problem solving skills (and other forms of creativity) can be increased by up to 15%.

They increase your memory.

Memory retention can be raised by 20%.

They reduce stress.

Studies show humans are more relaxed and have lower blood pressure when surrounded by nature, even when performing stressful tasks.  Tension and anxiety can be reduced by over 30% in the space.  Anger can be reduced by over 40%.

They reduce noise, which can increase concentration.

Plants absorb, diffract and reflect background noise.  Unfortunately not the noise of a person interrupting your train of thought.  You’ll still need headphones for that.

They improve the look of your space.

Studies show that the exact same room but with plants is described as more professional, more expensive, more inviting, more interesting, more cheerful, more welcoming, more relaxing, and tidier.  Who wouldn’t want all these perks with so little effort?  (Especially if the area if client-facing.)

They improve the indoor air quality and overall health.

Plants reduce CO2 and add in more oxygen.  In an office space, 1 plant per 3 employees can cut the CO2 levels by 50%.  They also reduce dust, bacteria, and mold which can each trigger an asthma attack.  Additionally, they reduce other toxins in an office generated by certain cleaning products, paint, carpets, furniture, and plastics.

With enough plants, the air conditioning use in an office space can be decreased and the humidity can be increased, which will help you stay healthier and wealthier.  Plants and better air can reduce dry skin and dry eyes and will make you look healthier overall.  Dry air can lead to dehydration, bother asthma and allergies, and even increase spread of colds, the flu, or other bugs.

What Plant for My Environment?

Air conditioning and an empty office/home are two reasons to choose heartier plants, including spider plants (great for low light), snake plants, aloe, cactus, or other succulents, English ivy, rubber plants, and peace lilies.  If you like the smell of lemons, consider Lemon Balm plants.  Go here for a more in-depth analysis of what kind of plant is best suited to your particular office space.

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