How Much I ERN’ed This Year!

How Much I ERN’ed This Year!

Just got back from #FinCon18.  I met a ton of amazing people doing a ton of amazing things, and felt inspired to take on some new projects, but the highlight of it all…


So an economist and a mathematician walk into a bar…

In a world where feelings trump logic and numbers are ignored in favor of made-up statistics, his blog is a refreshingly straightforward take on the math behind early retirement.  Needless to say, I was ecstatic to meet him in person.

If you haven’t checked out his blog, here are some of my favorites:

PSA: “Doing It All” is a Sham

PSA: “Doing It All” is a Sham

I went to a conference on Thursday that was focused on women in leadership.  They had different backgrounds, both professionally and personally.  These women were passionate, driven, successful in their careers, and genuinely enjoyed their work.  Another major commonality among them: they were the household breadwinners.  Most either had a stay-at-home husband or were single/divorced.  There wasn’t much of a spectrum when it came to the household.

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